We are the experts in Analytic Solutions for Telecom Operators

We believe in the power of data to support digitalization and agility

We make friendly analytic applications that allow telecom teams to work easier, smarter and more efficient

We focus on the 2 biggest challenges every MNO and MVNO face

A third division of Riaktr creates custom analytic solutions, helping corporations to unlock the full value of their data.

How can I optimize my Network CAPEX?

Smart Capex is the first truly data-driven network investment planning software. It allows telcos to plan major network investments without making compromises in order to yield full profitability.

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How can I grow my sales & optimize my distribution costs?

In the context of complex distribution networks in emerging markets, our S&D data visualisation and recommendation tools enable everyone, from executive managers to field agents, to act at the right place, at the right time, with the right action.

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Who we are

Since day one, we pursue a clear mission

Riaktr started with the belief that the value of analytics is dependent on how well they interface with humans. That is why we make user-friendly data applications that allow users to work easier, smarter and more effectively.

When the big data revolution started about a decade ago, we saw businesses investing millions in new technology. Most of them were left with alienating solutions with low usability, generating little impact.

We thought that there must be a better way. A way that would make people the core of analytics, a way that would empower them to do more. 

What we do

We build software that generates smart recommendations for operational teams. Our tools translate masses of data into trustworthy insights and actionable recommendations that unlock unprecedented growth of people and the organisations they work for.

We are committed to deliver tangible business impact for each organisation we work with. 

How we do it

People are part of our algorithm, to build our solutions, we start from the users and their specific needs. Our applications actively support the end users in achieving higher efficiency and effectiveness in their daily job. 

We act like partners and never stop before everything works as it was intended. We measure the usage and impact of our solutions and only consider the job done when value is demonstrated. That’s why we have a legacy of long lasting relationships with our clients and love it when they call us ‘friends’.


Worldwide deployments

Our solutions have been deployed across the globe.

Trusted by industry leaders

We contribute to make organizations data-driven.