Dedicated insights for
each member of your team

What is Riaktr?

At Riaktr, we believe that everyone, from the operations teams to the CEO, should have
access to their own insights so that they can all make better and quicker decisions. We always start from the specific needs of our end users so as to embed analytics in their day-to-day work. Riaktr is the No.1 software linking analytics with recommendations and field actions. We enable organisations to use data-backed insights for more efficient field sales operations, optimised network CapEx deployment, radical personalisation, and many more custom use cases.

Our solutions

Smart Capex

Optimise your network CapEx envelope and track your performance and ROI
sales and distribution software

Sales & Distribution

Explore your POS performance, optimise your field sales visits and improve the efficiency of your field repos
Craft apps solution
We leverage our technology assets and team experiences to build tailored operational analytics apps to support your business’s end-users
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Our story

The history of our products is inextricably linked with our growth and to the people who made it all happen. Our products and team have evolved together, so we are now delivering the best solutions with the most efficient team. It was quite a ride and we’re excited about the new challenges ahead.


In 2009, we started building Excel files but quickly shifted to custom solutions

Along with the solutions, we offered high-quality consulting services


From services to software: Real Impact Analytics became Riaktr in 2018

Smart Capex - developing 5G network optimization software

Our engineers reviewed and chose the best-fit technologies, such as Docker or

However, we aimed at simplification: in 2012, we built a bundled software stack that could be installed in one go

Our solutions optimise the operational and strategic processes with a focus on
sales, distribution and network infrastructure

Sales-and-distribution-workshop. Designing telecom sales analytics dashboards

Today, our big data and AI apps are deeply anchored on our customers day-to-day lives

We are active in the telecom, media, FMCG industries, and we are planning to expand to other industries

celebrating our success in telecom, media & CPG

Our management

We have a flat organisational structure, without many management layers. Our managers are there to give the main direction and make sure things stay on track. They act as coaches and trust the team to take the best decisions: autonomy is greatly valued! Also, they usually pay for the first round of drinks when we go out!


Chief Executive Officer

In 2008 I created my first company, which I left 4 years later to join the Riaktr adventure. I started by opening our South African office in Johannesburg, then moved back to Brussels to build our marketing and sales teams. Today, I have the privilege to lead our unique team.
These 8 years have been the most satisfying of my professional life, experiencing adventures all around the world with people I deeply respect and value. I take a lot of pride in helping our customers to do more in their day-to-day job thanks to their data. What I value the most at Riaktr is our culture of entrepreneurship that allows us to overcome any challenge.


Chief Operations Officer

We were 7 people when I joined Riaktr back in 2011, the start of an amazing entrepreneurial adventure. Over the last 9 years, I’ve experienced a few roles, from developing data visualisations in Tableau, managing projects in the Middle East and in Africa, taking care of our clients in Nairobi and Johannesburg, and managing a team in South Africa. I’m now in charge of our operations and finance, ensuring smooth coordination between our teams.
What drives me at Riaktr? Our culture: being surrounded by smart and friendly people. After
so many years, I’m still amazed by the level of professional devotion and social connection in our teams.


Chief Technical Architect

I joined Riaktr in 2016 after working for almost 9 years in a corporate environment. I have been inspired from the start by my colleagues, as well as by the company culture that promotes autonomy, trust and transparency. I started as a Technical Lead and I am still guiding a team of skilled software engineers. I am now also involved as a Chief Technical Architect. As in any interesting business, we face many challenges.
But what I like the most about Riaktr is the energy and the talent of our teams to crack these problems with elegant solutions!

Our team

We are a smart, fun and diverse group of people. We come from all over the world and have built amazing collaborations as well as true friendships. We believe we are the driving force behind our company’s success; we treat each other with trust and respect. Meet some of our colleagues and find out what they love about our company!


Technical Operations & Support, joined Riaktr in May 2015

I couldn’t believe the international diversity when I joined. The team had over 20 nationalities represented. I think the vibe and cool working environment would be hard to find somewhere else.



Tech Lead, joined Riaktr in September 2016

The thing I like the most about engineering at Riaktr is how people are empowered to
choose their tools. The team is in control of the languages, libraries, frameworks and
methodology. We all work together to choose the best-fit technologies to make our products evolve.



Big Data Consultant, joined Riaktr in March 2014

After more than 5 years at Riaktr, I can undoubtedly say that my journey has been full of learning experiences. It is wonderful to join a company early in its growth phase, and be a part of numerous distinct projects with lots of fun memories.



Product Manager, joined Riaktr in April 2015

What I love most about Riaktr are the crazy, fun and smart people. The fact is that we get a lot of trust and independence from Day 1. I had amazing exposure to learn and do different things. I started as a consultant, tasted some of the commercial life, both in sales & marketing before moving to the amazing job of managing one of our products.



Head of Sales S&D, joined Riaktr in July 2015

Since I joined Riaktr 5 years ago, I’ve been through different jobs: Marketing Intern, Lead
Generation, Africa Sales Manager, Head of Sales S&D and Marketing Manager. I love the fact that I had responsibility from Day 1, even as an intern. I have the fantastic opportunity to be surrounded by smart and proactive colleagues and to travel all over Africa with them.



Big Data Consultant, joined Riaktr in October 2019

Ever since I joined, I’ve been endorsed by a team of intelligent, ambitious, and amazing people. Being challenged every day is what keeps me going. Working together with the team on making the company great is very rewarding. As a young person, deciding what you want to do and where you want to go is tough. I haven’t regretted starting at Riaktr for a second!

Our culture

We shaped our company culture together. This is what speaks to us, what we value and what we are living every single day. Even though we are a very diverse team with different backgrounds, we all believe these are the things that will make us — and our company —move forward.
We share as much as possible with the team: every important piece of news — be it good or bad — is communicated in due time across the company. Once a month we organise a town hall, where we share relevant updates about the financial state of our company, the sales pipeline, on-going projects and new colleagues. We also encourage everyone to discuss difficult topics and we don’t shy away from giving honest answers.

We don’t want to create, implement, and monitor strict rules. They are a burden and a waste of time. There will be plenty of changes in our organisation that will make our rules obsolete and outdated. We show everyone lots of trust and expect them to feel — and be — accountable for their work. We all love our jobs and like to take responsibility for what we deliver. Being accountable for output makes us feel empowered, strive for the best and accomplish our tasks with a sense of urgency. So we keep it simple: “act in the best interest of Riaktr”. We are smart, responsible, and we are all adults. We trust everyone to make the best choices.

We are all very committed and we don’t stop until we meet our goals and deliverables. We see the impact of our work every day, in real life, not only in reports. The feedback and success of our clients is what keeps us motivated to push boundaries and achieve even more. This is the mindset we have across all teams: deliver value fast, learn along the way and keep on improving!

They trust us

We are proud to have gained the trust of our clients. By continuously improving our solutions, we strive to deliver more value and help our clients achieve their business goals!

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They talk about us

Having our achievements recognised in the press is always a pleasure. It inspires us to continue our efforts in delivering value for our clients.

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Real Impact Analytics becomes Riaktr

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9 telecoms start-ups that want to connect the worlds


Real Impact Analytics becomes Riaktr


Finally in the green, Riaktr tackles

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