We are an international scale-up providing data analytics tools for the telecom industry. Our solution is based on a suite of user-friendly apps that embed high level analytics in the day-to-day life of our clients. We currently focus on two operational teams: Sales and Distribution and Network investment teams.

Meet your new team

As software developers, we create software solutions that answer our clients’ business needs. We work on an exciting technology stack that is constantly evolving. Currently it includes AngularJS, D3.js, Mapbox, RxJS, Redux, Webpack, Node.js, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, Scala, Spark, Docker.

Our code is tested, peer-reviewed and refactored on a regular basis. We take a pragmatic approach to coding and work with real deadlines. We regularly create innovative prototypes for new applications in our product lines.

The role

We are looking for a talented developer and great individual to join our team. As a full-stack developer, you will contribute to the development of our front-end applications, of our micro-services and of our persistence layer. We are looking for someone with an inquisitive mind who’s willing to explore new architectures and technologies as our needs evolve.

  • You will create user interfaces for our applications
  • You will create reliable, high performance Node.js services for our product
  • You will write efficient queries to load the data for our applications and you will have the opportunity to work with various persistence technologies, like PostgreSQL, MongoDB and ElasticSearch
  • You enjoy switching between different stack components (apps, services, database) and have some variety in your day-to-day work
  • You will write code that follows the best coding practices: modularity, loose coupling, high cohesion etc.
  • You will contribute to the team’s DevOps efforts by developing and maintaining all the systems that support our development and operations
  • We value quality, organized, maintainable and tested code
  • We value developers that take an interest in understanding diverse programming languages and technologies
  • We value analytical skills that help us research, discuss and choose the best solution for a problem

Your must-haves

  • You are a proficient fullstack developer with relevant experience in JavaScript
  • You are open to learn and use new frameworks of development
  • You’ll be a step ahead if you have experience with AngularJS or NodeJS
  • You have experience in continuous integration, delivery or deployment, system administration and scripting for operational purposes
  • You have a technical academic background and are fluent in English

Work with us

  • You will enjoy working in a highly entrepreneurial environment, without rigid processes & long approval flows. You will quickly see the impact of your work on our products and our clients
  • We value participative management and autonomous teams: your input and ideas will drive the product and architecture vision with that of your colleagues
  • We care about outcome, not effort so you will be fully responsible for managing your time and workload
  • We are a highly talented international team of top-notch experts and learn from each other everyday

Want to join us?

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