We are looking for colleagues with strong analytical skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. Have a look at the open positions below or simply send us your spontaneous application.

Trust and transparency

Joining RIA means joining a team of high-performing, smart, fun and diverse people. We believe they are the driving force behind our success; we treat them with trust and respect.

Data-driven experience

Joining RIA means joining a team of high-performing, smart, fun and diverse people. We believe they are the driving force behind our success; we treat them with trust and respect.

Genuine start-up culture

Joining RIA means joining a team of high-performing, smart, fun and diverse people. We believe they are the driving force behind our success; we treat them with trust and respect.

Team members Ready to welcome you

I joined Riaktr in early 2015 and I never could have imagined the diversity of projects and roles I would be doing.

I started as an Analytics Consultant, where I advised our telco clients’ sales teams in Africa on how to best use their data to optimize daily operations.

At that time, Riaktr was initiating a pivot from a service to product company… and a marketing department was needed. As one of its first members, I contributed to defining and building the value proposition, pricing strategy and sales material for our brand new shining products.

To ensure our relevancy in the market, I often engage with our clients (and prospects) to understand their daily jobs, their pains and matching our solution to their needs. In the process, I work very closely with our product team to define a roadmap and development priorities.

Recently I became Solution Manager for our Sales & Distribution product. In short, it means that I am the one responsible for the success of that product. That can’t be done alone! There is a great cross-departmental team (with people from commercial, product and engineering, professional services) with whom I work daily to make sure we define, design, build and deliver the best product, one that no client could dream of!

What I basically love most about Riaktr: the challenging and diverse work ; the amazingly smart people you get to work with and obviously, the exotic travel locations (Rio, Dakar, Kuala Lumpur, Accra, Abidjan, Kinshasa…).

If you are not excited by now, I am not sure what more I can write to convince you to join our amazing company!

I started at Riaktr as a big data consultant in 2017 and joined a team working on a project for one of the leading video entertainment and internet companies in the world. So far, my tasks range from upgrading a data checking tool to adapt it to big data technologies, which was interesting since data quality is crucial, to identifying users preferences and interests through social media.

We use state of the art cloud and big data technologies while keeping the problem our main focus.

One of the privileges is to work with a team of bright people who have diverse interests and profiles. This allows us to look at problems and how to solve them from different angles. Plus, they provide support and exposure to different aspects of the business.

It has been a very interesting journey so far and I'm looking forward to what's ahead!

I work as a technical lead for the Smart CAPEX product at Riaktr. This product helps telecom companies make smart decisions about their network investments by using our data analytics expertise.

The technical challenges we face are exciting. Solving our customers’ problems requires crafting software involving big data, micro-services, single page web applications and containers, all assembled together with a continuous delivery pipeline and using an agile development process. As a consequence, we work with cutting-edge tools and frameworks like Spark and Docker. Our code is written mostly in Scala and JavaScript.

My responsibility is to ensure our team delivers technical solutions that correctly address our customers’ requirements while respecting time and budget constraints. One of the best parts of the job is working with a team of people who are smart, inspiring, hard-working and friendly. The members of the team all have diverse interests in computer science, software engineering and data science, among others. We openly share and discuss technical topics of all kinds, whether we are talking about back-end or front-end technologies. It is an environment where we learn a lot from each other and constantly explore new topics.

After following Riaktr on LinkedIn for a year, I was very happy to see that finally they were looking for a QA Engineer. I applied immediately.

Having seven years of experience in quality assurance, one might think that the job can become a bit mundane, but Riaktr provides all types of challenges and paths to grow.

As a Quality Assurance engineer, my job is to make sure that the products we deliver to our customers are high quality and satisfy customers’ needs. To reach this goal, I monitor all stages of software development and perform different types of tests including functional, UI, automation and performance that helps us identify and resolve system malfunctions in early stages of development. Making sure that our clients have a pleasurable experience working with our tools is part of my daily job.

What I enjoy the most about working at Riaktr is being part of the Riaktr culture. Every day when I enter the office, I’m surrounded by a diverse team of highly professional, inspiring people who are dedicated to what they do - people who make an impact.

Coming from the world of more traditional consulting, starting at Riaktr was a real game-changer. I felt like I jumped on the train at full speed, and we haven’t really slowed down since.

From day one I was involved on a multitude of projects, with some of the biggest telecom operators – mainly in Africa. As a customer success manager, my job is to take end-to- end responsibility of the client, and lead him from the first contact with our sales team, up to far beyond the go-live when our tools become part of their everyday routine. To succeed in this task, I spend a considerable amount of time in Africa, and in the field, leading me to have repeatedly been short on pages in my passport.

By joining Riaktr, you will work with a young, passionate (slightly crazy) team of ambitious professionals with a variety of backgrounds and origins. Knowledge-sharing is part of the company culture, creating loads of new opportunities and exchange with colleagues. In short, working for Riaktr is one hell of a ride. Are you up to it?