Our Craft Applications division designs custom data and analytics solutions together with you in order to unlock the full value of your data.

We rely on a large portfolio of ready-to-deploy advanced technologies, including data enrichment scripts, recommendation engines, model factories, data visualization modules, and more.

The Craft Applications team is composed of tech and business experts with ample experience in the development and deployment of analytical applications. They have been driving algorithm-based, high-impact operations in a wide range of fields (distribution, manufacturing, CVM, supply chain management, etc.).

+6% in sell-out for a major CPG player in Brazil

Our client was facing strong sell-in growth across distributor channels, but sell-out sales were stalling. As a result, inventory levels reached records and overstocking alerts became persistent.
Incorporating POS data in the allocation of team resources and efforts increased sell-out sales by 6% through better POS coverage in targeted regions and increased synergy between product offerings at individual points of sale.

215% increase in mobile campaign offer redemption

By enriching customer experiences with machine learning algorithms, we were able to attain very granular knowledge about each individual user.
As a result, our client was able to micro-segment his customer base and run a radically personalised campaign, generating a 215% conversion increase.

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Big BI architecture

We work closely with clients to create a future-proof Data Architecture, while making sure old data assets are kept accessible. The result is a BI solution integrating data across various systems and departments while offering the capabilities of modern Big Data approaches.

Customer Value Management

Radical personalization drives conversion rates. We help you engage your customers with relevant campaigns, after-sales propositions, and other client interaction based on our data enrichment algorithms, generating up to 4,000 data points per individual.

Customer segmentation made intuitive

In order for your marketing to be targeted and effective, you need quick insights about the behavior of your customer segments. We created a lightweight tool that makes the segmentation of customer databases visual and intuitive. A client told us that a segmentation exercise that used to take 3–4 days can now be completed in half an hour.


Automating model maintenance

We automate the upkeep of data science models so that hundreds of models can be monitored and re-trained by a single business analyst. This frees up your data scientists to focus on what they’re best at and what keeps them engaged—creating new and innovative process optimization models. Our customers tell us that since we launched our model factory, they were able to reduce the time necessary to keep their models up-to-date by at least 50%.

Gamification of performance KPIs

If you want data-based insights to drive action, you need to take into account human psychology and behavior. We have ample experience in combining analytics-based reporting with proven incentives in order to increase adoption of reporting systems and compliance of users.

Call centre root cause allocation

In the busy environment of a call centre, call information is not always accurately logged and becomes unreliable. Our AI-powered, real-time classifier enhances and corrects log data, turning it into actionable information.

Data Management Platform


Gain a competitive edge by using the right tools to leverage your customer knowledge in order to deliver a more personalized service and tailor-made offers.

Our Data Management Platforms integrate customer data from diverse sources into a powerful tool for quick customer profiling and look-alike modelling.


Our assets

Call center optimization

Inbound calls root cause reporting

Content recommendation engine

Personalized recommendations of content for analog and digital TV

Customer Profiler

Computing 4,000 variables daily on each individual.

Inactivity management

Customer or POS behavior tracking and escalation

Map-box integration

Layered geo reporting with interactive clustering

Model Maintenance Factory

Automating the maintenance of data science models to free up data scientists’ time.

Next Best Action engine

Recommending the optimal next action e.g. in sales by computing complex decision parameters.

Sales Force Automation app

Dynamic routing and in-store product mix optimization for sales agents.

Smart Campaigner

Creating end-to-end highly effective micro-segmented marketing campaigns.

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