Smart Sales & Distribution is the essential add-on to all data collection and reporting tools used in channel management. Its AI powered recommendation engine automatically identifies trade issues, assigns high impact tasks to operational teams and logs them back into your system. And do you know what? The more people use it, the more powerful its recommendations are. That’s the magic of AI.

This demonstration is based on synthetic data


Common sales, marketing and resource planning tools are independent from each other and run on their own datasets. By design, indirect sales add even more complexity, making business intelligence harder to implement. Smart S&D connects to any sales software architecture and integrates all the required data sources to make the best decisions possible.

AI powered

Smart S&D is more than analytics software. Its recommendation algorithm learns from the community and refines itself over time. As a user, you will not only benefit from the latest big data and analytics technologies deployed at company-level. You will constantly improve your on-trade capabilities by integrating large-scale best practices.


Managing indirect sales is a time-consuming process. Poor visibility at point of sale level translates into blind and slow decision processes. Smart S&D frees you up from unproductive meetings by automating trade issue detection and tasks assignment.

Key strengths

POS activity

Detect drops in orders and measures impact on sell-out

POS potential

Optimize in-store product mix

POS execution

Recommend on-trade actions based on field survey information


Track distributor and store compliance to trade agreements

Data cleaning

No more garbage-in, garbage-out


From any data source, creation of one single, centralized data-mart


Integration into any sales software architecture thanks to APIs

Mobile companion

Gather field insights and automatically assign high-impact tasks to your field agents

Smart reporting

Provide your management teams with smart and real-time dashboards


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