The advanced analytics tool to prioritize investments at granular level


  • Secure the optimal investment plan

  • Iterate and improve with the use of benefit management 


Smart Capex is an analytical tool to define the optimal investment plan for both wireline and wireless investments for telecoms. Leverage granular data and advanced optimization algorithms to maximize your strategic objectives (financial, commercial, and technical). Iterate on multiple investment scenarios and simulate the impact of your 5G, fiber and Artificial Intelligence investment decisions in real-time. Discover our telecom expertise by requesting a free demo.

This demonstration is based on synthetic data

Bottom-up rather than top-down

Smart Capex leverages a bottom-up, granular, market-driven, geographic-centric approach rather than managing top-down investment envelopes. Your different envelopes can be adjusted to get the most out of your total network capex budget.

Smart prioritization

Smart Capex allows you to optimize your business logics based on the business case strategic theme and targets. Proprietary algorithms recommend an investment plan according to your business objectives, even if those objectives differ from one envelope to the other.

Reduced decision cycles

In just a few clicks, the end-users can deep-dive into each investment candidate’s metrics, test the impact of different scenarios and refine their investment plans over time. Metrics are computed dynamically, data is collected automatically.

No black box effect

We leave you in control of the investment plan by showing you the underlying data and letting you make your own choices on top of our recommendation. Data stays yours ; no “black box” issue.

Key strengths


All relevant data-sources integrated, cleaned and enriched


Investment candidate profiling at street (wireline) or site (wireless) level


Recommendations based on advanced analytics and proprietary clustering algorithm


Powerful data visualizations to facilitate decisions

Dynamic computation

Instant sensitivity analysis and scenario testing


On premise rather than cloud-based solution

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